There are usually two types of Bikers. There are ones that join or create a club and ride around together enjoying the roads together and having fun together. Then there are those that are called Lone Wolves. Lone Wolf Bikers prefer to ride and be left alone to enjoy the ride in peace and quiet with just the noise of their engine echoing through the lands. If you are a lone rider and would like to customize your vest or jacket with patches to let others know you do not belong in a club than lone wolf patches are perfect for you.

I run an online store where you can purchase lone wolf patches. The good thing about my site is I do not charge people extra for shipping. I’ve decided that I’m only going to be selling online and every purchase must be shipped so why not include all the costs and present one price to my customers.

That’s right at the price you see is the price you pay. There are no handling fees or shipping charges for US based orders. Even international orders, I’ve decided to offer you guys free shipping as well. Although there will be a $1.99 handling fee to subsidize the extra costs I incur to ship international. Click on the pictures below to buy patches from my online patch store. I have top rockers that say lone wolf. Bottom rocker that says no club and many other wolf patches all in stock.

P2949-Lone-Wolf-No-Clubs-Patch PL2949-Wolf-Patch PL3120-Howling-Wolf-Moon-Patch-Large PM3121-Howling-Wolf-Dreamcatcher-patch-Medium P2939-Small-Wolf-Patch lone-wolf-no-club-patch-original__78778_zoom lone-wolf-no-club-patch__71175_zoom