I’ve put all the US Army related patches I had and layed them over a vest I got at Barney’s Leather. Looks like a slim collection which I need to increase right away. Only two Rockers!! For Vietnam only! I Need a few more large rockers for the more recent Freedom Wars over in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ll have to build more drawers to stack up a bigger better collection of patches for the US Army.

Currently I have some smaller patches for the retired Army veterans or the ones still serving. I have 4 different cap patches which you can buy and have it ironed on to a cap. Special Forces got you covered with a small rocker. Snipers and Rangers as well.

I do have a very nice US Army Veteran Patch. It is 100% embroidered, meaning you cannot see any fabric. It is all embroidery covering the entire surface of the patch. You can iron it on or sew it on, it has a nice thick border to it. Click on the Vest to go over to the online store and buy these great patches. Buy Army patches and don’t worry about shipping charges or minimum order requirements, it’s simply the most customer friendly website there is.